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  1. ana_xyz
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    We just launched something really cool (yes, this would be our 2nd launch this week...), and I wanted to take a chance to loop you all in.

    This weekend me and the Shapeways team are at SXSW in Austin to launch The Vibe, a new creator in collaboration with Soundcloud. Soundcloud lets people share sounds, and on their site the waveform is an essential part of the experience. Using the app we just launched, you can take the waveform of your favorite sound and get it 3D printed into an iPhone case on Shapeways.

    What I think is most exciting about this is how this shows another creative passionate community (Soundcloud musicians) what it is we can do when we combine forces. We're hoping this does awesome things for the awareness people have of 3D printing and ultimately, of the creative force that is all of you guys.

    Eager to hear what you think!
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  2. itsmemark
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    Just bought one of these and not happy at all, been absolutley robbed

    Great idea, VERY VERY poorly executed. The plastic the case is made of scratched the aluminium outer of my phone, very difficult to fit, No cushion if the phone is dropped, plastic feels very cheap, and the peaks on the back of music that has been printed catches on EVERYTHING, pockets, fingers, you name it and it is a matter of time before they snap off, should be printed onto a see through backing that will protect the back of the iphone and keep the peaks and troughs of music attached. The case also doesn't actually fit properly

    Avoid like the plague :(
  3. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    As far as the case being a tight fit, that may be something customer service can help you out with. Email them at . They should fit snug, but not cause damage to your device in the process.
  4. itsmemark
    itsmemark New Member
    thanks for the reply, any thoughts on the rest of it? quality for £30? the fact the peaks and troughs of the printed music catch on everything?

    It is a nice idea but holds very poor functionality as an actual case
  5. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    As a show piece, I like it. I beat up phones some how, so my last 2 phones I've purchased Otter Box cases. I see for me it would cost around $25. Not sure if that includes shipping or not. But that is about the average price of a 3D printed iPhone case on Shapeways. As far as it catching on things, perhaps that is something that can be remedied in the creator software to make it better supported. Include all your thoughts in your email, your feedback is greatly appreciated, and they can best remedy the situation.
  6. itsmemark
    itsmemark New Member
    agreed, great showpiece, but would have been nice to have expected a showpiece and not a functional day to day case
  7. ChristelM
    ChristelM Shapeways Employee CS Team
    Hi Mark,

    I have also received your email about this and just sent you a feedback on this.

    Christel Hagens
    Customer Service Agent
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    I thought that!
    Thanks for your reply!