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  1. Oliver_Krangle
    Oliver_Krangle Well-Known Member
    Yes, my goal is to make it possible for people to print pen tubes and use them directly with commercial pen kits, if only to bypass needing a drill press, lathe, or other costly tools and supplies. There might be a need to fine tune the internal hole diameter or total length using a round hand file or sandpaper but that's about it, as in this keychain pen example (HP black plastic):


    But pen makers have a very different mindset when it comes to making pens. A lot of them will look at a 3D printed pen tube with disdain. They only consider it a "hand made" pen if they go through the trouble of drilling and turning a chunk of something on a lathe. And pen makers will try to make a pen out of anything they can get a hold of that's large enough. Bone, exotic woods, acrylics, Bakelite, cactus skeletons encased in clear cast plastics, old toilet seats, old whiskey barrels, etc. I think there can be some middle ground to expand creativity. Things don't need to be black and white one way or the other!
  2. knoted
    knoted Active Member
    Yikes !

    "Pen is mightier than the sword" kind of attitude eh ?

    I agree.
    On the other extreme end of the spectrum I always wonder if the pure digital artists are still any good, with just a pencil & paper or just modeling clay.

    Anyway, I deal in aftermarket solutions for transforming toys & collectibles such as indeed, Transformers. I do proud myself I create products which requires no or very few customizing skills on their part. Afterall, I intend to guarantee them "plug & play".
    Plenty of fantastic looking stuff available in this niche market, but quite often people find out the fit of a part is off - too loose or too tight, etc.
    I won't make a product go live in my Shapeways shop like that.
  3. reducedAircraftFactory
    reducedAircraftFactory Well-Known Member
    Hey, it's time for my monthly reminder to Shapeways that:
    1. Apparently, you still have not examined your pricing vs. printing costs for this material. "Double WSF" seems like a stab in the dark.
    2. You still have not made this material available to end-customers. I can only order models for myself.
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  4. czhunter
    czhunter Well-Known Member
    And for the situation to be little more funny - while this material is still not public (for more then a year now), Shapeways recommend you in today's e-mail to switch your models from HDA to MJF.
    That is definitely going to boost sales ...
  5. bud_hammerton
    bud_hammerton Well-Known Member
    Other printers have already been offering MJF prints, Shapeways just takes to long to go from pilot to end-user availability. I think some of the issue is that Shapeways still thinks that the designer is the end user or that the models here are part of something else not a complete general public enduser product, I know that they want to change that impression, but it is a painfully slow process. And, why is MJF pricing so high (identical to Premium S&F)? Since the finished out of the printer model is already supposed to be better than the normal S&F, there should be less human interaction to 'finish' the printing/polishing/dyeing process.

    Once MJF becomes a public material I know I will offer it instead of the normal S&F black, it would be nice if the pricing were more inline with the other polished parts.
  6. crashtestdummy
    crashtestdummy Well-Known Member
    That's assuming it becomes a "public material" and they simply don't drip it with little to no warning. Still no "official" word to the users about the 8 products being dropped just e-mail to some selected users.
  7. bud_hammerton
    bud_hammerton Well-Known Member
    Another unrelated thread on this forum has a SHapeways representative leaking that it will become Public. I can name you three other services that allows anyone to order MJF parts today. I won't mention the names for fear of this post being "moderated", Google is your friend.

    I got the email. but don't have time to go through several hunderds items to see what eaxctly is affected.

    And can someone explain the quality difference between Polished White S&F and Premium White S&F besides the 2X price multiplier?
  8. IntelXeon
    IntelXeon Well-Known Member
    HP jetfusion material is now avaible for public but its 2x the cost of strong and flexible plastic..
  9. reducedAircraftFactory
    reducedAircraftFactory Well-Known Member
    Hurrah -- no more monthly nag-posts from me! Finally I can make this material available to our mutual customers.

    Not-so-hurrah -- I still can't understand why MJF prints have exactly double the pricing factors of (what used to be) WSF -- material costs: double, empty space costs: double, handling costs: double, per-part costs: double.
  10. tebee
    tebee Well-Known Member
    Yes I thought MJF was going to be cheaper and better than WSF - Indeed other sites do price it cheaper than their WSF equivalents. Have just checked on one of my products - Shapeways WSF price $10.85 HP black price $23.69 Other company HP black price $6.48 !

    So what has gone wrong with it at Shapeways ?
  11. aryser
    aryser Well-Known Member
    This discussion is so quite since post concerning the price chock.

    Has Shapeways an HP Jet fusion 500/300 for color print in test?
    Or is it planed?
  12. IntelXeon
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    lol now the competitioner of shapeways just got 3 new hp jet fusion printers
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    I'd like to repeat that Mr. Aryser's question.

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