Introducing new colors for the Strong & Flexible Family

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    We have researched color trends, asked the Shapeways community, leaked images on Shapeways Live, tested the colors in the streets of New York and finally it is time to release the fresh new colors on Shapeways.

    We've gotten a lot of feedback on the Red & Indigo. The most common ones was to make the Red more red (done!) and make the Indigo either more blue or more purple (done! And we are still tweaking our blue).


    These colors are on a trial for three month, at which point if they are popular enough we will on board them as Permanent Colors!

    You can read more about the new colors on the blog.

    We will not add these colors automatically to any shops (even if they previously have had colors). So shopowners, please remember to enable these materials for purchase if you want these to show up in your shop, and remember to take photos of your newly colored prints when they arrive!

    There are a few more colors in the works that we are still tweaking. Got any ideas for new colors? Let us know!
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