Introducing Design For Good - How Does It Work?

Discussion in 'Shapeways Shops' started by MrNibbles, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. MrNibbles
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    I noticed the July blog post by @virginia_gordon about Shapeways helping to set up shops to benefit charities.

    Can we get any additional information about the mechanisms behind this effort? Is it anything beyond simply matching up designers with charities and giving the charity pointers about setting up a charity page? For example is there a framework that allows for designer/charity revenue sharing as with the Valve arrangement? Or perhaps multiple designers being able to contribute designs via a tag mechanism? My thought was that simply helping a charity to set up a shop and uploading designs to their store (however they might obtain them) seems as though it could be done without any assistance from Shapeways. What's the real scoop?
  2. virginia_gordon
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    Great question, we do not currently have a revenue sharing tool. These were unique arrangements between the designers, charities, and Shapeways. You may absolutely deal with these workings on your own if you would like to set up the terms.

    However, I would be interested in hearing more about your partnerships so we can properly promote on the blog and other platforms.

    Let me know if you have any questions!
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    I don't know if my comment on the subject is appropriate.
    A few days ago I found an open source project which I would like to support as a designer.

    The project is mainly concerned with very low-cost construction - therefore it is designed for FDM production.
    However, since Shapeways Nylon has good strength values and better precision, I could imagine that the components could also be made from Shapeways without significantly increasing the total price. Not everyone has a 3D printer at home.

    I will try to get involved in the design of housings and adapter versions for as many different motors as possible.

    It would be good if Shapeways could provide a platform for such projects.
    All the print files & information here:

  4. MrNibbles
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    I see. In this case I've already done a simple demo evaluation design for a foundation but I will probably end up doing any other design work gratis or for a token markup, depending on the level of work, etc. Once they get samples and figure out what types of products they want and what pricing makes sense they may continue with the effort. I assume most of their sales would be local to the area where they are based (local businesses, gift shops, vending machines, etc.), but of course an online store linked from their website could be used to supplement revenue.

    The reason I thought of the Valve arrangement is that something similar might be ideal for setting up charitable shops, although it would require the ability for a charity shop to host approved designs from contributing designer's accounts, and I think any such type of aggregation page doesn't even yet exist for the Valve stuff.

    The big advantage is that crowd sourcing designs from various people having different specialties (such as digital sculpting, jewelry, miniatures expertise, etc.) would result in an improved set of offerings by the charity. It comes down to how does a charity get the best designed items in their shop to maximize revenue for their cause. The odds of getting more awesome designs would be proportional to the number of designers submitting designs for approval in the charity's shop. Of course there may be some issues I'm overlooking with regards to people expecting tax deductions, IP rights, designers closing down their accounts unexpectedly, etc. but I thought I'd throw this idea out there just so it could percolate in the Shapeways ether.