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  1. kingcoma
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    Hi everyone,

    so I'm currently working on two simple characters I would like to print.

    However, I'm not sure if it may intersect with each other.

    I've attached a screenshot of the parts that are intersecting. (2)

    Also, for the head I have 2 spheres and another form which are seperatly modelled, and are also intersecting with the 'base' mesh. Is this a problem? Or does the printer see everything as one mesh? (1)

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  2. Owensar
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    I could be wrong but most 3D printers take the whole mesh, and then build it up like an Mrsi scanner does. Doing layer by layer. So having 2 intersecting parts should mean they just fuse on the model.
  3. joris
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  4. kingcoma
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    Hey, Thanks for the replies! :eek:

    I use cinema4d for modelling, and exported it as an .STL file.

    I also downloaded a trial version of accutrans, where I could check if it's water-tight.

    If there are edges shared by one ore more faces, it will tell you this.

    So I checked it, and it said it was water tight, so I gues it would be ok.

    I think I'll be uploading soon, however I'm not sure about the size. Have to check the forum a little bit to get some more advice.