Intermittent Wall Thickness Checking For Pa12

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by adbinc, May 14, 2019 at 3:53 PM.

  1. adbinc
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    As I reprice my ships, some are cheaper in the Multi Jet Fusion Plastic than they are in Fine Detail Plastic. For those ships, I am adding that material. When I use 3D Tools to see if they will print in that material (we didn't design our ships with it in mind), I choose Grey PA 12. Sometimes I get a green check mark in Wall Thickness. Sometimes I get a straight line. Sometimes (rarely) I get a red X. I know what to do with the check mark and X. Invariably, when I wait for the heat map to build to look at the ship, I end up with an all-green ship. And I confess that sometimes I just give up while waiting for the thing to check and hope that all will be well. There are times it takes forever to check.

    I *think* your checker isn't working properly. I know that "sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't" problems are hard to track down, but this one is slowing me down significantly when I work with our ships.

    Thanks for looking into it,

  2. MitchellJetten
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    Hi Jean,

    Can you share a model ID example where you're seeing this?
    This way we can have a look and see what is going on :)

    The "-" means that it hasn't loaded yet, this is due to the 3D tools not running wall thickness upon upload anymore but only once you access it.
    In some cases the "-" could also something went wrong and the wallthickness checker wasn't able to do his checks.

    Anyway, only with some examples I can actually track the issue down.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.


    ps. i said "I can actually track it down", but i meant the rest of the SW team as I'll be on holiday in about 3 hours!
  3. adbinc
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    Hi Mitchell (and rest of SW team!),

    Mitchell, I do hope you enjoy your holiday and have a wonderful time!

    I have an example for you (and I'll add others in posts below as I discover them). (Sorry it took so long, it was "Shapeways accounting day" for me to accomplish as my highest priority.)

    3125 Scale LDR Light Tactical Transport (LTT) CVN:

    It has a dash for wall thickness in Gray PA12.

    Its "sister" ship the 3125 Scale Lyran Light Tactical Transport (LTT) CV got a check mark for wall thickness in that material.

    I have had exactly three ships to check for adding Gray PA13 to their "for sale" materials. Two were good. The third is my example.


  4. adbinc
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    More examples of dashes in wall thickness:
    3788 Scale Klingon T7B Fleet Tug WEM:

    3125 Scale Klingon T7B Fleet Tug WEM:

    3788 Scale Klingon T7K Refitted Fleet Tug WEM:

    After 10+ minutes, this hadn't resolved the wall thickness check:

    3125 Scale Klingon T7K Refitted Fleet Tug WEM:

    I added the material on the basis that its sister ship had a dash mark and no red spots.

    On the other hand, this did get a check mark:

    3125 Scale Gorn Megalosaurus+ Light Cruiser (CL):