Interesting, quick PAID project for experienced 3D designer

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    Interesting, quick paid project for experienced NYC-based 3D designer:

    What: I'm looking to create a prototype of prosthetic leg covering that's better than the options currently available to me. I'm a new amputee and highly unsatisfied with the options available. I'm looking for an experienced Maya3D designer who can take an off-the shelf model (attached) of a human body, extract the calf geometry and make some simple adjustments to it. These adjustments include increasing the size to match my remaining leg, adding a simple clip on the inside so I can attach the piece to my prosthetic leg, and some simple design flourishes.

    When: This project has to move fast because I would like to have the piece printed by Shapeways and in my hands by July 15. This project should literally take an experienced (or even intermediate) 3D designer about 1.5 hours to complete. If you know what you're doing this shouldn't be too difficult especially since you'll be working with an already-created model of a human calf.

    Where: I would highly prefer a NYC-based designer so that we can meet in person, take measurements, and briefly discuss some nuances to how the prosthetic leg works and how it would affect your design. Will also consider working with a non-NYC based designer who's okay with working from pictures and measurements I provide (though thats not ideal)

    Compensation: $200 for your time

    Any interested designers please contact me ASAP at: or PM

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