Instructions For Ets35 Update Sets (1:35)

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    Instruction manuals:

    ETS35020 (or scroll down)
    ETS35 - Manual ETS35020 ETS350021.jpg

    ETS35021 (or scroll down)
    ETS35 - Manual ETS35020 ETS350021.jpg

    ETS35022 (or scroll down)
    ETS35 - Manual ETS35022 ETS350026.jpg

    ETS35026 (or scroll down)
    ETS35 - Manual ETS35022 ETS350026.jpg
    Below you can find the instructions for the following sets:

    The 2nd post holds the instructions for ETS35007, the Renault R35 set.
    The 3rd post holds the instuction for ETS35008, the APX-R turret.

    Some general (hopefully useful) thoughts on working with printed parts made of 'Frosted Ultra Detail' can be found at the bottom of this message. We recommend you read this before ordering an item.
    ETS35 H39 instructions.jpg

    ETS35 working with FUD.JPG
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    Here are the instructions for ETS35007. More details will follow later.

    However it might already be important to know this:
    - Parts 21 can be used the holes in the idler (Part 22). These can simply be glued to the outside of the idler, but they are optional since not all R35s had these.
    - Parts 28 and 29 are use to put Part 30 either in the closed or open position. You'll need some thing styrene rod or wire to attach these to Part 27
    - When installing Part 37, make sure it ends up in a horizontal position. The upper hull of the R35 slopes down towards the rear, suggesting Part 37 should do the same, but it shouldn't.

    ETS35007 - Manual R35 Set - Parts.jpg

    ETS35007 - Manual R35 Set - Bogies.jpg
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    We are still working on better graphics for the manual, but for now this should be enough to help you assemble ETS35008.

    ETS35008 - Parts list.JPG

    You can ignore 'step 8' because it has now been added to part G13b
    ETS35008 - Manual.jpg





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    Instructions for the trench skid for the Renault R35 and R40. These instructions can be used with both ETS35022 and ETS35026.

    Instruction for the assemby of the Renault R35 bogies. These instructions can be used with both ETS35020 and ETS35021.
    ETS35 - Manual ETS35020 ETS350021.jpg
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