Instant Co Create through API

Discussion in 'Customizable Products & Design' started by mctrivia, May 5, 2011.

  1. mctrivia
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    When I make a co create I can define fields. Great.
    Now what I would like is when the user presses submit it sends the form fields to my web server as a post query. My server can then render the requested model and upload it within a few minutes to shapeways through the API. You could then charge based on the actual volume since you will have the model done.

    I have already written the code so I can do this on my side. The API team has there code in place so the model can be uploaded though we yet have an option to restrict material type but if you could some how hyjack the upload then that does not matter. Or maybe the upload for co creates needs to be through a separate function.

    Long story short this would allow for the long requested ring sizing option(I will provide full source codes for anyone wishing to setup an auto ring size uploader.)
  2. jamesdavid
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    Hi Mctriva,

    I am interested in the source code you mention. With modification it may be just what I am looking for. Check out my store. I would be able to have one product listing (instead of 42). People could insert the appropriate dimensions and even custom text. The appropriate model could be generated and printed. It would be great.

    Thanks in advance,
  3. mctrivia
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    I am slowly releasing the source codes here:

    The 2 objects needed to load, manipulate and save an stl file are already there. I will be uploading the code needed to upload to shapeways and stuff soonish but shapeways has currently broke that feature for everyone but me.
  4. jamesdavid
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    Awesome. Thanks for sharing! My models are in OpenSCAD so I think I should be able to just run a shell command in PHP after passing the appropriate variables to generate the STL.

    I will keep my eye open for the code that talks with Shapeways as I think that will be my main hurdle.

    Thanks again,