InShape 2.0 chaos : top five bugs that need to be fixed quickly

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by fx, Sep 1, 2012.

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    Only relevant if the relevant tax authorities are not involved with this decision.

    Works for me -- maybe it's your setup.

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    Natalia has already said the currency is location dependant - I'm in the UK, we don't use Euros, however it has now been dictated to me that I must use Euros even when my preferred currency is the same as what Shapeways use for model pricing and shop payments, the $.

    The feed duplicates the first set of results when more are loaded = broken.


  4. BillBedford
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    I'm in the UK too and we don't use dollars either. But the UK is in the EU and charges VAT on all purchases. I suspect that the likes of HMRC will make it a whole lot more complicated to charge VAT (as opposed to import duty) on dollar purchases.

  5. stop4stuff
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    The $ is my currency of choice when using Shapeways for the reasons already stated. 20% of £, Euros or $ is still 20% no matter the currency. To date, there have been no problems with me paying in $ and 20% VAT being charged. As far as I know there have been no changes in legislation to force anyone to pay in a nominated currency when making purchases within the EU.

    I haven't a clue how much money is lost through multiple currency conversions, but let's stop to think about it for a minute - A customer pays Shapeways in Euros, Shapeways convert to $ to pay me my markup, PayPal then charge me a fee for converting back to Euros so I can buy stuff from Shapeways, pointless really when I (or anyone) should have the choice to pay in $ which cuts down lost money for everyone.

    Currently, from what I can calculate, Shapeways Euro (undisclosed 1.23 $ per Euro) exchange rate means that the price is not equivalent to the $ price that the model pricing is based on, yesterday the difference was 1.8% in Shapeways favour, although I do understand that at times the difference could be in the customer's favour.

    Now just to throw another thought to whoever reads this - how does gift vouchers and/or credits work out if they have a $ value?
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    "The feed duplicates the first set of results when more are loaded = broken."

    Correct! And It's been like that for a long time now!
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    If I'm logged in to the forums then open a new window and paste the link into the address bar I am then logged in to that IF I'm usingInternet Explorer. HOWEVER, I discovered a problem when using Google Chrome it showed I wasn't logged in. If I then wished to add a comment to a post I would be told I had to log in. Clicking on the log-in link took me (if I remember right) to the forums where I was already logged in! Therefore, as FX stated, using Chrome I could not log in but using Explorer I could.

  8. stop4stuff
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    I just tried that, c&p'ing the url don't work for me when signed in (XP+IE8.0)


  9. polychemy
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    Checking out an Item on your Shop, at first shows the correct cost price during the check out process.

    But when you pay with paypal, it charges the full price (with mark up)!
  10. lensman
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    @polychemy - Nope, I just went all the way through to just before authorizing PayPal to pay and the price showed as my price BEFORE markup the entire time...


  11. stop4stuff
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    I just checked this out with a model I have ordered for myself previously charged in USD.
    I think the confuddlement here is that within the EU VAT is added onto the model price and shipping price before the total which is in Euros.
    For my model the actual price in USD (no VAT) is very close to the Euro price including VAT, the same with shipping, instead of $9.50 (no VAT)shipping, I'm seeing E9.27 (VAT included) - everything pans out ok to the Euro pricing i.e. 9.27/1.2 = 7.75 x1.23(*) = $9.50175

    (*)1.23 is the, as yet, undisclosed Shapeways exchange rate for $ to the Euro.


    [edit] doh, forgot to say that the PayPal price in GBP from my bank account is only a couple of numbers shy of the Euro price = for me not worth bothering about buying until payment in the same currency as earnings is sorted out

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  12. polychemy
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    It happens to me, and i ended up paying a markup on my own items. I had to get Shapeway to refund my purchase.
  13. stop4stuff
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    logging in under the right username before buying gets around that one ;)

  14. fx
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    Anybody from Shapeways reading this ? Could we get some fresh news about the bugs listed above ?
  15. Youknowwho4eva
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    Well I read it, and moved it to bugs so that it would get more attention from those that can give you an update.
  16. natalia
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    Polychemy - this was a bug for a moment (literally a few hours) and we fixed it immediately. I just tested this on your account and it works fine - but as Paul mentioned you need to be logged in as yourself to buy your own items without paying markup.
  17. fx
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    Natalia, any news about the "elephant in the room" ? (the five top bugs listed in the first post)
  18. natalia
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    Hi guys,

    Thank you fx, believe me I am chasing down bug fixes for us most of the day! Here is an update on the most pressing issues:

    Checkout problems - these are being handled on a case-by-case basis, as it seems there are minor issues that come up, which are being handled by In the majority of cases, checkout is working fine

    Regarding UserVoice:
    It is not working properly at the moment, Recently UserVoice changed their policy and was spamming you guys when you logged on. So we have disabled single-sign on for UserVoice, until we can resolve it and not have them spamming you!
    You can still use it, you just need to log on there

    I hear the multitude of feedback here, and will attempt to address it all:
    Some facts:
    Your shipment can go to different addresses as long as billing and shipping COUNTRY are the same
    The website is in Dollars, and we convert to Euros.
    Markups are paid in Dollars
    Shapeways is registered as a business in both the US and the EU so we can offer Euros and Dollars.

    Our website is in US Dollars, and we convert to Euros. We have always updated the conversion rate manually once a month (on the 1st). We do this unless the currency jumps dramatically, then we update it more often to be accurate.

    The price you see is determined by your shipping address. You can not manually change it, sorry.

    Currency is determined by SHIPPING address - so in your cart, when you choose your shipping country it will switch between Euros/Dollars - this is a way to see what it costs in each currency should you wish to do so.

    You do not get charged currency conversion fees twice. A fee is only applied by Paypal once, when we pay you your markup. Shapeways does not charge any currency conversion fees, never has and never will.

    If the concern is about losing/winning on fluctuating currency rates, then this is just a fact of global business. As a matter of fact, Shapeways pays the currency conversion fee every time someone buys something.

    You want to see the exchange rate
    We are happy to display the currency conversion we use on the site - I already asked for this, and it is in the works. We have nothing to hide, and I understand that displaying the rate we use will make it both clearer for you and easier to manage markups. This months is 1Euro=US$1.2611

    You want to see VAT and you want to manage markups in either Euros or USD
    You can see VAT on the Shop Inventory page - just click on 'Materials' on a model, and the popup allows you to select which material you sell the model, what markup you put on it, and to toggle between VAT and no VAT.
    What I am proposing is that right beside this would be a Euro/USD toggle so you could see both currencies. This would also exist in the Edit Mode for models. This would be visible to shop owners only and would allow you to manage your markups regardless of you home country. If this sounds like a good solution, please let me know and I will push for it as soon as possible.

    What I would like to avoid is doing a quick hack or a workaround, and then change the site again in two weeks when we have a more elegant, permanent solution in place. I want to reassure you that the overwhelming response we've seen about currency IS being taken seriously and we want to find a good solution.

    Also, the current tool we have is the Markup CSV which allows you to see markups in Euros or USD - so this is the best place to see them both. And yes, I know telling you this while we all know it is currently broken is frustrating, and it is high on the list to be de-bugged.

    My Sales: The 'Yippie' you sold something emails are going out but the sales page is still being worked on. A plus is that as of this month, everyone will get paid on the 15th, regardless of whether you made the $30 minimum so we can start with a clean slate.

    Thank you for your continuing patience while we work through these issues!

  19. stannum
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    The new situation is:
    Parcels can only be sent to same country than billing address.
    Take hops to see/check prices applicable to different country than one in billing address.
    Get paid in Dollars any earnings from shop sales.
    Pay orders in Euros for all EU addresses, Dollars otherwise, no choice.
    Pay or be exempt from VAT, as law commands, as per billing address.

    The old situation is/was:
    Parcels can only be sent to same country than billing address.
    At own will, change a site wide setting of country and currency to see/check prices differently (talking with friends abroad, or the most common case of "generic customer").
    Get paid in Dollars any earnings from shop sales.
    Pay orders in Euros or Dollars, whatever buyer wants, thanks to the setting mentioned.
    Pay or be exempt from VAT, as law commands, as per billing address.

    But Paypal does NOT force you to convert. Accepting only Euros from some people means Paypal gets money for nothing when people want to use Dollars they have (for example from SW sales). People is not complaining about going from single fee to double fee, but about the increase from none to single.

    And we are also complaining about the disapperance for a quick global USD-EUR selection and VAT on/off for displayed numbers (seeing is unrelated to avoid paying VAT, please do not bring that up again), instead getting slow/hidden options (add to cart and change "estimate shipping"...) or none at all (still looking for a button in materials...).
  20. Alex_ADEdge
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    Cheers for the update!