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  1. Gono
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    Well, there are 2 things that are confusing me:

    1. 3D Studio Max tells me that the object that you find attached is 40 cm x 40 cm x 21.6 cm
    When I export it in .stl format and open it in Netfabb it says 40 mm x 40 mm x 21.60 mm :eek: why?!?! :eek: :eek:
    But it's not over! If i send it to shapeways the system sends me this:

    :eek: :eek: :eek:

    2. I scale down the model in 3ds max till it says that the object has these dimensions:
    0.4cm x 0.4 cm x 0.4cm
    But now, if i send it to shapeways, everything its ok, exception made for... THE PRICE
    5,294.27 € for an empty white plastic box?!?!?!?

    That's what it says:

    Tell me that i've wrong something, it's impossible that the price is so high...

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  2. Magic
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    Unfortunately the price is right.
    For 1 cm of thickness your voulume is approximativaly:
    40x20x4+40x40=4800 cm3.
    At $1.5 per cm3 and 1.4€K per $ is is 5200€ which match your price.
    3D printing is not adapted for such a big object (try laser cutting, perhaps).
    Concerning your problem of dimension, please, check this post: mp;a mp;start=0&

    [EDIT] And welcome to Shapeways. I hope you will find other projects more suitable for 3D printing.
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  3. Gono
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    Thank you for the answer Magic, do you know some laser cutting services that ship in Europe like Shapeways??
    If you can't post link, please send me a pm!
  4. Magic
    Magic Well-Known Member
    Never tried them, but Ponoko should ship in Europe (google it :)).