Info On How To Prepare Zbrush Model For 3d Printing.

Discussion in 'Software and Applications' started by RubenZaalberg, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. RubenZaalberg
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    Hi all,

    being new to Shapeways i'm stuck with a couple of questions after uploading my model.

    I modeled a trophy of sorts with no paint on it in ZBrush 2018.
    I'd like it to be somewhere around 20-25 cm in height, but after uploading as .OBJ it turns out to be 2x4 mm and all details have been removed after processing by shapeways. (probably due to the tiny size?)

    Is there a step by step process i can find somewhere on how to prepare, size and hollow out my model before uploading to shapeways? Specifically for ZBrush. I'm using zbrush 2018 full software.

    Hope you can help and a nice day to you all.

  2. MechanicalWhispers
    MechanicalWhispers Active Member
    I use ZBrush as well. But I also use Meshmixer (free from Autodesk website) to size and hollow my models before uploading to Shapeways. There are a ton of YouTube videos on how to do these simple tasks with Meshmixer. It's very powerful for quickly getting a model ready for print. I hope this helps.
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  3. MrNib
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    Is it possible to easily hollow out a color design using Meshmixer or similar (free) program? I guess the program would need to assign a default color to newly exposed surfaces while leaving everything else alone. It wasn't obvious to me that Meshmixer can import any color formatted file when I played with it.
  4. MechanicalWhispers
    MechanicalWhispers Active Member
    I don't work with color files, myself. So I can't really answer your question accurately. But I believe Meshmixer can keep the new hollow wall as a separate piece. I'd imagine you'd need to UV map it, though, in order to color it how you want.
  5. 3DAircrew
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    I use Zbrush 2018 and I hollow out the model and scale the model using it.

    1st) scale ... Under zPlugins open scalemaster. Click - Center subtool to the world. Select the desired units, xyz sliders will change to your models dimensions. Select the slider that you know is your longest dimension and enter the value wanted. The other 2 dimensions will automatically scale to the new dimensions. Click - resize subtool. Then export to unit scale. You now have the subtool exported to the proper dimensions and you have to make sure you import it in the proper units on SW.

    2nd) Hollow -- Here a video of a good technique

    There is also the create shell function in dynamesh that takes a long time on hi-poly models.