Industrial Designer/3D modeler available for work

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  1. 3damez
    3damez New Member
    Hello, I'm an industrial designer, specialized in 3D model. With more than 15 years experience in transportation design.
    I'm capable to model complex objects with high quality surfacing, sketching and rendering, and the ability to make handmade mockups as a complement for reprap printed parts.
    The rate is 10$ /hour but can be adjusted with time consuming projects.

    Please , visit my webpage for more information and portfolio samples:

    Or email me:
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  2. meef
    meef New Member
    I hired 3damez to make a model hollow and he did amazing work quickly and cheaply. I recommend!
    Thank you!
  3. alinalandry
    alinalandry New Member
    what i need is simple. I have a vector file (eps) of some type that i have layed out. I need it extruded and sized at a specific size. and for the back to be open.
    I've tried it in cinema 4d but letters disappear and the opening is in the front not the back.
    this would probably take you like 30minutes to make Im sure but i can pay you the hour...
    thank you so much!
  4. stonysmith
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    PM sent
  5. 3damez
    3damez New Member
    Pm sent. ;)
  6. 3damez
    3damez New Member
    Ready for work.
  7. Neurodeliri
    Neurodeliri New Member
    3damez helped me out with my model and offered solutions when I became confused on formats.
  8. hjhearle
    hjhearle New Member
    Héctor (3Damez) is a great designer, really helpful even when not much info like measurements are given(!) He was very patient with all the adjustments and uncertainties surrounding my projects!

    Highly recommend this guy :) :laughing:
  9. jmonk
    jmonk New Member

    I am looking form some one who has experience developing consumer products like a kitchen utensil. Currently I am in need for someone to take my concept and develop into a prototype (plastic) need CAD specs if possible.

    Let me know if your interested.


    email :
  10. 3damez
    3damez New Member
    Ready for work
  11. 3damez
    3damez New Member
    Ready for work