Increasing the 500K Polygon limit

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  1. I have just recently started selling my products wholesale to people who want to resell them for a profit. My resellers would like to purchase many copies of the same item all at once. The problem is I am always running into the 500K polygon limit. So I either have to degrade the quality of the model or just not sell as many copies in one file.

    It sure seems to be more benificial to Shapeways to just print 1 file with 15 copies in it rather than to print 3 files of 5 copies each.

    Most of my wholesale parts are produced in FUD material so if I print off 3 files of 5 copies each there is a $5.00 per file fee, this just eats up the profit margin for my customers.

    Ok, here is my question. Has Shapeways ever considered alowing file to be larger than the 500K poly limit. I would even be willing to pay a fee to upload larger files
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    The poly limit is a million triangles and has been for some time.

    And check the material pages for ways of using files that exceed normal limits.

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    Some tools will export in quads or n-gons, but our tools will convert those to triangles before counting. That's a possible cause of confusion.

    Still, I can see why you'd need a higher amount of detail (especially on larger objects, I presume). Please go ahead and file a feature request on our feedback site, and get as many people as possible to vote it up. The more votes a request has, the better the chance of it getting done.


  4. I must have missed the memo that anounced the increase in the polygon limit. The 1000K limit seems to be working ok for me right now.

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