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Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by DavidMulder, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. DavidMulder
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    Seems to be pretty straightforward. In the "it arrived" forum you can post 5, whilst in the forum where longer posts belong (according to the it arrived guidelines) it's suddenly possible to only post 1 attachment (and thus you have to mess around with public image hosting services). Personally I would even recommend the limit to be higher than in the "it arrived" forum, as the "feature this" forum should contain more detail + more story.
  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    The purpose of the Feature This forum is to show us (community and Shapeways) the importance of you item. So you can link to your "It Arrived" post, your items page, your blog about the item, the picture of where you got your inspirations, etc. And if you already have your pictures in other places on Shapeways, and even else where on the web, you can add them without using up your image limit. The limit is on uploaded images, not linked images. If you look at my latest addition to the "It Arrived" guidelines you'll see I added how to add images in 2 ways. The second way just shows images from else where on the web. So just like the way you did your "Feature This" post. This prevents our servers from getting backed up with multiple instances of the same image, over and over.
  3. DavidMulder
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    As far as duplicates go, it's common practice to use hashing of files to check whether exact duplicates exists... (as in, after the upload, take the md5 hash (or a cheaper hash first and then a stronger hash to prevent collisions) and either change the filename to the hash or lookup the relevant file in a database table and save that as the relevant image). It's really pretty simple, even if you have to add it afterwards.

    Now, the other thing is
    Suggests that the "It arrived" forum is meant for unpolished and unfinished photos of the product the second it arrives. Whilst "Feature this!" is the place to go to once you have more of a 'story'... Which is different from what you're saying. So allow me to ask? Where would a post like this belong (compare to <a href="" target="_blank"></a>)? From the "it arrived" guidelines I would say it belongs in the "feature this" section, whilst by your comment it seems it doesn't belong on the shapeways forums at all and he should have written a blog post on his own blog and then linked it from the feature this forum... that just doesn't make sense... and the 'pity' of him posting that in the 'it arrived' section is that I had trouble finding it now as there are just a lot more 'random photo' threads in the 'it arrived' section than in the 'feature this' section.

    So, if you won't mind me taking the liberty to make a suggestion:
    - First of all do implement that first thing I mentioned, it's pretty easy to do and it can potentially save quite a lot of space.
    - Reorganize the forum a bit in the direction where it's really clear that unfinished "out of the printer" shots belong in one place, "stories" in another place and the "feature this!" section really is only meant to link to the other sections and not as a place to share stories like it has become now. And btw, I *do* think it's a good thing not to mix quick pics and stories/finished products, as those things are pretty different.

    Ach, this bad habit of mine is going to kill me one day, I just wanted to write a single line reply on here and ended up writing an entire essay :( sorry for wasting your time a bit O:)
  4. Youknowwho4eva
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    All very good points. As far as the post you linked to, I'd post that in Feature This myself. The "rules" for each are pretty lax besides double posting and must be printed. I'll bring it up with the rest of the team when they are all back from holiday break.
  5. stop4stuff
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    Good points.

    Here's a couple of workarounds for now;
    Post images in an 'It Arrived' post.
    Create the post in the 'Feature This' section and enter the code for an image, using the url for an image from the 'It Arrived' post e.g;


    Alternatively, images can be uploaded to the model page and the same method as above for including the images in a 'Feature This' post.


    p.s. Mike, In IE8 on XP, the code box is black text on dark grey background = barely readable.

  6. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    It appears the same in my Chrome as well... I'll forward it on.