In need of a 5.98mm sphere. Any takers?

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  1. farmerjoe
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    Hello everyone,

    I am very new to modeling but came across this site from a friend. I am looking for a very simple 3d model of a sphere. I'm sure someone here can probably whip a sphere up in under 30 seconds haha... Figured before I burn through a ton of time trying to figure it out, I would just simply ask for help. :cool:

    Another thing I was curious about is the weight of such sphere made out of ceramics.

    If anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it!
    Thanks everyone
    INNERLEAF Well-Known Member
    Hi, Attached is a 5.98mm sphere made in sketchup. Unfortunately it doesnt show Ceramics as an option when you try and choose a material, also the one thing to watch out for is that ceramic printing cannot glazed the whole surface. If you imagine that during the glazing process, one face needs to rest on the ground, well this area is generally unglazed.

    Hope this helps


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  3. farmerjoe
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    Thank you for this model. I really appreciate it.

    Also thanks for the heads up on the ceramic tips. I'll look into the other materials and see how they come out.

    Hope you have a great week!
    Thanks again!
  4. Morrisgunn
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    this method is by far the most expensive for obtaining high energy airsoft pellets.