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  1. woody64
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    Vote Overview:[list type=1]
    This overview gives a summary over the status of the votes given in messages later on this thread. Topic of the votes are changes asked from community members and how quick should they be solved. Additional votes can bes added by any member, but should also added and maintained in this section by this member

    [*] Add the possibility to change all markups on the product page [ 7: 14%, 86%, 0%, 0% ] (woody64) Vote
    [*] Add link to my shop to "My Shapeways" [ 7: 57%, 43%, 0%, 0% ] (woody64) Vote
    [*] Get rid of the additional scroll bars in the product inventory page [ 6: 50%, 17%, 33%, 0% ] (woody64) Vote
    [*] Excel/CSV export/import for the product inventory [ 8: 25%, 38%, 25%, 13% ] (woody64) Vote

    I've quoted the original proposal, since there was later on a really good suggestion.
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    Although this was originally only intended as a sample, people have now started to place their real votes, so I have re-opened the poll. Sorry for the confusion.

    A first, simple version could be done right here in the forum. 100% un-cool, but works.

    A moderator could setup a little voting forum in about an hour or two. Shortage of PHP coders is no excuse whatsoever.

    BTW: I would choose a little different wording for the options

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  4. woody64
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    Maybe we can use one thread for this topic using the standard mechanism.
    A general overview about feature requests or bug handling can be parsed out of this thread automatically and added to the top page on a monthly or biweekly base.

    If we come to a final conclusion of the wording we would have a comunity system representing the most important questions.

    I've added such a voting summary at the beginning, also with reference to the message where the voting has been raised. I've also checked that adding a new vote is possible, so the machanism should work.
    Thanks to trompevenlo for this proposal. The system seems already offer the neceesary options to do this task.
    So I've added a new vote for a thing I want to be resolved.


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  5. woody64
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  6. kontor_apart
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    I would like to propose an Excel/CSV export/import (download/upload) functionality for the product inventory page.

    You may vote for this proposal here. Questions and comments in the other thread, please.


    The product inventory page is basically a primitive spreadsheet with VERY limited functionality. As repeatedly mentioned in the forums, maintaining more than a few items in this pseudo-spreadsheet is a nightmare.

    The proposed export/import functionality would allow show owners to download their product inventory and load into an Excel spreadsheet for offline use, enabling all well-established spreadsheet functionality, like

    - calculations (USD <-> EUR, ex. VAT <-> incl. VAT, etc.)
    - sorting (move shop items from the bottom to the top)
    - bulk enabling/disabling materials or products
    - what-have-you ...

    The modified spreadsheet file would then be saved (in CSV-format), re-uploaded and the shop with all products would be updated in one shot.

    Possible import errors would be reported in real time after upload (no email, please!!!)


    This very un-cool solution
    - is comparably easy to implement and does not require a lot of fancy web-site/AJAX-programming
    - is easy to use for the majority of people who do not have API-programming skills
    - enables every shop owner to maintain his products in his preferred manner

    Discussions over slowness, markup calculation weirdness, scrollbars etc. pp. would become obsolete.
    Community members may even start sharing some of their Excel macros or alike.
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