Import Costs to the US?

Discussion in 'Customer Service' started by mobiuschic42, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. mobiuschic42
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    Hi all,
    I'm curious about how much people are getting charged to have a model sent to the US...I'm just thinking my $128.45 bill seems a little steep. And others should know about the shipping methods that are being used that cause packages to be so expensive!
  2. RalphVdB
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    Hi Mobiuschic42 :cool: ,

    The price of a model depends on the volume and includes shipping. Depending on your country, tax will be added.
  3. mobiuschic42
    mobiuschic42 New Member
    I'm currently working with Frank on this, but I just wanted to give other people a heads up that "taxes" in this case turned out to be $128 in UPS freight charges...I'll keep the forum updated on what happens.
  4. Whystler
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    As far as I understand it so far, shipping costs are included in the price of the model. So, you shouldn't be paying extra for shipping.

    Have you recieved a model and had to pay extra? If so, there will be duty taxes added. I expect to have to pay extra once the item get's here, only because no tax has been paid on the item yet.

    Are you saying that you were charged $128 in duty tax?

  5. mobiuschic42
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    I got a bill from UPS (which a Shapeways staff member confirmed was related to my package from Shapeways) for ~$90 in freight charges and a ~$40 fuel charge to get the package over the ocean. Nowhere is this mentioned as a customs fee or a duty or anything like that. Just freight and fuel.
    I realize that this is kind of ridiculous on UPS's part ($90 for a 2.2lb package?), but it certainly doesn't seem in line with what Shapeways' FAQ says. Perhaps it was just a mistake, but it's definitely one others should know about. :)
  6. mobiuschic42
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    Oh, also I haven't yet received the package; there were three unsuccessful delivery attempts. I am currently unsure whether those attempts were unsuccessful because my University's mailing office refused to pay UPS's charges or if they were simply trying to deliver to the wrong place (which has been known to happen at my university).
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  7. robert
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    Hi mobiuschic42,

    I heard today UPS tried to charge you with $128 for shipping. It looks like there is a mixup at UPS. The package currently traveling to us (after the 3 failed attempts to deliver).

    For $128 I could almost hand-deliver the item to you. :)

    We will ship it back to you as soon as it arrives. And of course shipping is included in the price. Though some countries add import duties.


  8. mobiuschic42
    mobiuschic42 New Member
    Hi Robert,
    Will I be responsible for dealing with this UPS charge or will Shapeways take care of it?
  9. robert
    robert New Member
    You mean they are still trying to charge you although they send back the package?

    I think you are in contact with Frank about it? He will fix it for you.


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