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    A question from a confused newbie.

    Okay so far I have uploaded two files to my models

    I used 400 sq pix with 72 dpi and Image Popper
    the jpgs were saved and converted from svgs created in inkscape and were B+W

    I selected no base during upload but they're showing with bases and you cant see all the details of the design?

    Should I have specified which type of jewellery or base or no base or what?

    Is there some way to show the bw jpg as well as the small 3d projection so people can see more detail

    should i have specified one or more tpyes of jewellery

    i tried to design svgs that could be used on their own but also be used as units in larger items by others?

    should i make the items / designs availalbe to two or three diffreent sizes

    have i stupidly overlooked some section of a FAQ or tutorial that explains this?

    and does 2.5m minium apply not just to height of modle but also to thickness fo lines ?

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    A response from a confused reader: What are you talking about?

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    Shapeways Image Popper has few if any options other than size and base or baseless. See my shop I have same issues.


    Any objects you need for jewelry like bails or mounts etc you must add to your image file and edit first.

    While you can upload several sizes the Image Popper does allow sizing and thickness. If your image is not "water tight" you will have to add a base to keep the parts touchings so they can be printed. Specify no base if so needed and image support itself.

    Loose parts like this will fall apart.


    No, you would have to add your own 3D models and images/pictures for your shop. I had to start learning a free 3D tool! :eek: You also cannot download your Image Popper Model when it's completed...I wish you could!

    Size- this does effect cost. So a S,M & Large size is a good idea for pendants, charms etc.

    Lines- This will vary by material and design complexity/orientation. A good guess is stay above 1mm unless you have tested and worked with one specific material in your design. Also Image popper will not scan fine lines or they appear weak and jagged.

    Image Popper is dumb and will allow many models that will not actually print it most materials.

    Lets post some successes and some issues for more help!

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    How do you get the black to print on the white? (unless it's coloured sandstone)