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  1. I'm new in this forum. I found Shapeways shearching about 3D printing of jewels. I am from Spain. I'm here for curiosity and sharing some personal projects. My 3D software is Blender. I have a very low experience in 3D printing, but I know it thanks to the university and Internet.

    I like to wear heavy chunky silver jewellery. I mean chunky bracelets (half kilo), chunky necklaces, chunky rings...
    I'm trying to create new designs of this kind of jewellery trough C code and some maths functions (this program generates a STL file).
    This kind of jewellery is not very popular because silver is expensive and some people finds them too heavy, but It could be a few persons interested on it so I will share my designs here, because It could be someone which likes the same jewels than me.

    In a few words the jewels that I like are:
    - Oversized and noticeable.
    - Solid, without hollow parts.
    - Simple and geometric designs, based on maths, not on real elements (animals, faces, plants...) or complex figures.
    - Most of the jewel is chunky, without tinny details.
    - Customizable: You can change some parameters and modify the jewels: ring size, width, shape...
    - Free software: my "C scripts" are under MIT license, with is free.

    Note that my jewels will be heavy, but some of them could be sized out and become lighter with smaller parameters (It's free software).

    If You like, I can upload here the sourcecode and other future designs.

    This is a example of a thumb ring, the top left weights 140 grams, I want to wear one in each hand:

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    Welcome! sounds like a pricey shop.
  3. That's true...

    I hope that silver could lower it's price in the future. But these rings can be printed in other materials, such stainless steel.
    The first advantage of this "opensource jewellery" is that everyone can modify it, size, shape, materials....

    I leave a render of some rings. They are based on two sourcecodes. I will upload them here when I write the documentation.

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