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    Hey guys!! I use Blender 3D, and if you need me to model anything, tell me. One thing though, I am not that great at modeling people and stuff, but if you want I person or character, I can model it, send it to you, you can tell me what needs to be fixed, and so on. I will not charge very much, but I will probably charge some (obviously). If you want something done, PM me, or email me at ickathu.goalex@rocketmail.com and I will see what I can do. I will probably be able to get files finished within a few weeks.
    About me: I use Blender 3D, and live in the US
    Expertise: Inorganic modeling, texturing
    Experience: About three years of 3D work
    Portfolio: ickathu.deviantart.com
    Rate: Everything is different, but probably around $8-$12/hour

    I hope that my services are appreciated.
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    Hi ickathu,

    it would help if you added a link to your portfolio, so people can see the quality of your work.