I'm a very cheap modeler!

Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by sharkhead7854, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. sharkhead7854
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    Hey, I'm only 18 but I've got a firm grasp on this 3d modeling stuff. =D
    I'm not one of these... "Professionals" who are going to charge you 1.2 million dollars for a model of a box.
    I'm very cheap, just message me what you want and what you think you can pay to have me model it, 99% chance I'll do it for that price.
    This is the only picture I have at the moment, I'll upload a portfolio link soon. Sorry for the crude render, it's in a program used to turn models into something of an origami piece, you print everything out and glue it together. (Also a GREAT way to make your models real, and only cost the price of paper. Afterward, you can harden it with resin! Message me if interested about this method.)
    I'd prefer messaging here on the site, but if you want,
    Please consider hiring me! :)
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  2. SLK
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    I need a file for a part that is 1 3/8 in diameter. What country are you in?

  3. Otterdude
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    I am interested in exploring personalized text in various fonts where the text is sitting on a line (underlined text). The underscore can be different shapes (an eyebrow, lips, etc) and the lettering would just ride along the top of the shape. I am mostly interested in perfecting this into nautilus style swirls with a text following the swirl. If this can be done where the text can be changed in each piece, I would want to look at creating them in a variety of materials. Does this sound like something you would want to explore with me? Best, Otterdude
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  5. eleniberi
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    Hey! I want to create a life size woman foot -up to the uncle, with a wing on the outside ( like ancient greek) . i want it to show all the vanes and stuff. Can you design it?? Can you give me a quote?
    Thank you