Iggy, the Snoozy Snail

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    My first Shapeways order finally arrived today. I've been selling my Snoozy Iggy for years in Second Life, but now I finally get to hold him. I also had some separate shells printed to get a feel for the various materials.

    Iggy unfortunately didn't arrive in one piece. His left eye was snapped off, but I glued it back on. I knew the sandstone was brittle and that he would likely suffer damage in transport, but I had naively hoped that everything would turn out okay. There's also a little hole on the right side of his shell, which you can't see in the pic. I'm still happy with him though :)

    One model is still behind, which I don't really blame Shapeways for. I went kind of insane hollowing out a White, Strong & Flexible Polished version of Iggy. I only got notified on the day of shipping however that the model was rejected, which kind of bummed me out.

    Behold the cuteness! :D

    - Snoozy Iggy printed in Full Color Sandstone.
    - Large shell at the top of the pic printed in White, Strong & Flexible.
    - Tiny shell printed in Frosted Detail.
    - Shell at the bottom of the pic printed in White Detail.

    These prints are truly tiny and precious. The full Snoozy Iggy is just 8 centimeters long!

    My favorite material for now is White Detail. Why does the best stuff always have to be the most expensive as well :p


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    hehe very cute character! i like!