If You Could Have Any New Material For Jewelry, What Would It Be?

Discussion in 'Jewelry' started by katkinkead, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. V_Master
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    Adding a Powder Coating Option to Brass and Bronze would be really wonderful especially in Black and White. It could be treated the same way Ceramic glazes are (assumably based on the material page) by having a set of permanent color options and Limited Edition Finishes as Powder coating itself is quite inexpensive and come in a very large variety of finishes.

    Or like stated above a Black rhodium plating would be very nice.
  2. sasha6
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    This is exactly my thinking!

    Being based in NYC-- it may not be as difficult to do stone setting-- just outsource.

  3. Adputer
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    gold plated silver is a nice one.
  4. panguver
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  5. boxthoughts
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    I would like to see Argentium silver added as a material. Besides the fact that it tarnishes slower than sterling I find that being able to heat harden it easily in a regular kitchen oven a huge plus. Hardening an item makes it more durable and allows it to be polished better, and heat hardening allows one to get those benefits without changing the shape of the object which is a huge positive for delicate designs. Delicate and detailed designs is one of the strengths of 3d printing so Argentium is a great fit with it. The cost for Agentium is also only just a bit more than sterling. Sterling silver can also be heat hardened but it is a bit more complicated and requires special equipment like a kiln. Being able to heat harden Argentium with just a regular kitchen oven makes it doable for most people.
  6. Recycled silver and other precious metals!
  7. PrintItAnyway
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    Here are a few of my ideas:
    • Matte and polished white steel would be nice for elegant but still strong uses.
    • concrete would be nice for things such as candle holders.
    • Wood would be a great addition because who doesn’t like 3D printed wood.
    • Vinyl would be great for some toys and figures.
    • copper would just be another great material for everyone weather it be jewelry or the Statue of Liberty.
  8. debdeb
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    Gold filled
    Gold vermeil
    Thicker plating
    Pink brass
    Stone setting
    Recyclable materials
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