IE 7 fails to go to Paypal for purchase

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    Added 22 items I uploaded from my private gallery to my cart. After I select Paypal US funds it goes to the next page and says my cart is empty. Using IE 7. Sounds like a redirection problem. Had a friend test it using Firefox, it worked for him just fine and took him to the Paypal Website. Will have till wait till I get home to make order. Just letting you know so you can look into it for compatibility/fix.

    Quick Update:
    Downloaded Firefox, gave it a spin, same issue. In this case it may be work place related like a firewall issue although I have payed with Paypal and credit card at many websites from work with no issues. Sorry for the confusion. Will try again when I get home.

    Another Update:
    Did a small test with only 3 items in cart, and it directed me to Paypal. However when I have all 22 items in my cart, I get the error when I click Order In US Funds, Paypal, it brings me back to a empty invoice page that says nothing is in my cart. So I guess I will have to order them in a couple orders rather than one.

    Last Update:
    Finally got it to work. Had to order it in two orders, 12 items in one, 10 items in the other. Went through just fine. Second order had to spend an extra $2.60 to meet the minimum but its cool, ordered a double to send to the caster as well as one for me.

    Still not sure what the issue is/was.

    Can't wait to get em!!!!!!!!!!!!
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