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Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by photosfromrob, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. photosfromrob
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    Everyone likes free...
    I propose that Shapeways hold a daily give-away. Pick cool items from the designers at Shapeways and give one away every day. I'd be willing to forgo my markup on any giveaway item as my contribution towards increasing traffic (traffic = sales).
    The idea is that people would have to visit Shapeways and sign up fresh every day for the following day's drawing.l People will tell friends and blog and tweet about the giveaway and pretty soon there will be hordes.

    Another idea....
    Let some of us opt-in to a charity program whereby, on certain days, all profits from participating shops will be donated to a charity.

    I think both ideas will increase Shapeways stature, increase traffic and sales and just generally create a buzz
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    Some good ideas in there, but because of the different item costs, the value of a free item would vary wildly. You did give me another idea though: When a new user signs up, Shapeways should match their initial purchase of 25 dollars. After your first order you would receive a voucher. This ensures the customer will purchase again in order to claim the credit, and utilizing the voucher system would help prevent abuse of the offer.
  3. photosfromrob
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    Yours is a good idea.
    The values vary but Shapeways will pick the prizes so that they will be reasonable and within their budget.

    I suggested free because it will be passed along more fervently.

    Actually, the ideas could be used together...get them there and then induce them to buy
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