Ichimatsu Pendant

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  1. mizu_labo
    mizu_labo Member
    Designed for my wife who supports me in pursuing my dreams. Ichimatsu (a checkered pattern) is one of the Japanese traditional pattern, and means prosperity. Three rectangles are bonded to Ichimatsu.
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  2. Frozenrain
    Frozenrain Well-Known Member
    Great design and great wife.:D
  3. mizu_labo
    mizu_labo Member
    Thanks for your warm words.
  4. LoveAndShapes
    LoveAndShapes Well-Known Member
    oh wow... I love this, its very beautifull.
    Well done!
  5. mizu_labo
    mizu_labo Member
    Thank you. Your words give me hope.
  6. Vortical
    Vortical Well-Known Member
    Splendid design. Great backstory. Great wife. Thank you for sharing.
  7. Majuwely
    Majuwely Active Member
    Nice Design :)