I would Really like you to allow us to change our shop name

Discussion in 'Shapeways Shops' started by uveros, May 16, 2011.

  1. uveros
    uveros New Member
    When I started Shapeways user I accidentally used a bad shop name and now I noticed that I cant change it, Why is that?

  2. virtox
    virtox Active Member Moderator
    I don't know, "bgshnf" has a nice ring to it ;)
    Can imagine it on t-shirts :p

    Send service@shapeways.com an email, they can probably help you out.

  3. uveros
    uveros New Member
    Thnx man :)
  4. noesis
    noesis New Member
    I agree, or at least multiple shops under one username associated with the site. I at one point pulled the plug on my first shop and started from scratch cause I didn't like my first name. I'd LOVE to have a whole other shop for certain designs I've come up with that have the same theme but don't match my initial shop's theme, but now I don't want to destroy or mess up any established google links or customer history I might have. I know Etsy is contemplating multiple shops, and Zazzle just rolled it out, it would be nice if Shapeways was working on something similar.