I will make your portraits 3d printable for USD 100

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  1. imdjs
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    I am a 3d artist, I use blender \ c4d\3d coat as my modelling and sculpting tools,I can make your portraits printable with full detail. per portrait takes about 3 - 5 day will charge you 100 dallars. you can pay me after the job is done and you are satisfied with it.

    I will send the 3D printable file to you as stl\obj\wrl or other format you want as soon as the job is finally done,also you can decide the size of the model and thickness so that can save your printing costs,I will send you the images in the work-in-progress so that you can check if the job meet your requirements,if not I will modify it until It meet your requirements.

    You can pay me via paypal my paypal account is imdjs@tom.com
    here is my sample
    for more sample you can go to my website

    If you have any need you can contact me

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  2. bennett338
    bennett338 New Member
    I am looking for someone to make a 3d model of my 1 year old daughter to be made into a figure. If its something you think would be possible just let me know what you need for a quote.

  3. imdjs
    imdjs New Member
    hi bennett338:
    I'm ready to start working at any time,you can give me the photo of your 1 year old daughter here。I will show the work in process in this topic, It can show to everyone how is my work doing。

  4. laurenwebby
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    I need to have a bust created of my husband. It should be similar your Obama example but it also needs to include a stand like this:


    I would like it to be small so that it can be printed fairly cheaply. 4 inches tall perhaps?

    Please let me know what you would charge and how long it would take.

  5. imdjs
    imdjs New Member
    hi Lauren
    I'm ready for your job,you can send me the picture of your husband by PM or attaching to this Topic whatever you like. I will finish the job in 5 days as soon as I get your picture .I will charge you 100 dallars for one portrait. you can pay me after the job is done.
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  6. nimbxtechnology
    nimbxtechnology New Member

    I have a wonderful idea for a raspberry pi case that doesnt look like your normal case at all. I have hand drawn the general idea, as well as have clear images for the details.

    It of course be for a private project, but would need to be made in CAD as well as accurate to the mm so i can 3d print it.

    if your interested, let me know and i can start forwarding the right material directly to you.

    Finances: I dont have much money so, we could do like a trade/barter deal if you want:
    1) trade your services for $15,000 in software and programs
    2) add you to my perminent contractors list; so when the money comes in, your my number # 1 contractor to get that money.

    option: 3, im open to suggesitons or pricing(that is not too much)

    Thank you and i look forward to your reply

    (ps. this is extreamly private and if we make a deal, please do NOT post or share this info or files with anyone without permission)
  7. imdjs
    imdjs New Member
    thank you for your proposal,It sounds interesting,but I have no experience in CAD software,all the models I've made in blender.
    of course I provide the customized service of 3D modelling.
    My rule is pay after job is done!.

  8. looksthatsells
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    i look forward to make a use of your service for india please revert soonests

    abhay mehta
  9. realistickids
    realistickids New Member
    Im looking for someone who can make 3d busts of my 1 year old and newborns actual human sizes preferred , arms and legs a plus, do you send a finished bust and parts? or just the design card for print??
  10. ShaneKeefe
    ShaneKeefe New Member

    We are looking for a character modeller that is proficient in making a 2d image into a 3d (frontal) printable file (such as .STl etc) which can be printed using a Replicator 2.

    We are seeking someone available to make continuous models for our ongoing business needs on a daily basis, please reply to discuss details and price.

    Thank you,

    Shane Keefe