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  1. Hi remarkable people,

    actually they've been some years since i first take a look on this site, on your works, on your brave ideas on this new way to shape wishes and dreams, but it's just short time i'm trying to tell my story through this incredible tools.
    I'm a product designer from Italy and I'm used to fall in love with all the good stuff designers around the world manage to take to birth.every day, they entangle me with their story and i can't help myself to try with my own efforts.

    My current visions are about jewelry and everything people from any culture use to enhance their perception of self, to stress their feelings or mood. It's quite a misty field of interest but it's kind of the most interesting thing i've ever fell in and my works would try to carrie me through this interest in order to understand the boundless, endless and real complex variety I'm discovering every day.

    I'm really looking forward to make your knowledge, so See you soon !



    it seems to me a bit incomplete so i'm going to add that i'm a 3dsmax user, my design experience is about daily objects and furniture, i'm in love with any kind of comicbooks and illustrations and sometime i try myself even there.
    I don't know where my page here is linked on this post but you can find my efforts here

    http://www.shapeways.com/shops/www.thinkingaroundtherings.co m

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    Welcome! Can't wait to see those designs printed!
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    I am impressed by your eloquence 'eloquenza' in your writing.
  4. @Youknowwho4eva

    thank you Sir, me too. : )


    Grazie : )

    english is not my first language, I hoped it could be "right" enough.
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