I want this 3ds file can be printed for n scale shell

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    Hi, all

    This is Korean 'Semaeul' Train, which has begun its service since late 1980's and all of remaining trains will be retired and scrapped by end of this year.

    To commemorate this, I want to make a shell of this train's front car in n scale(1/160)

    I made a 3ds mesh which looks like this train, which initially was intended to be used on Microsoft Train simulator, but soon I realized 3d printing preparation is radically different from GMAX modeling. i tried netfabb, but won't be able to figure out how to use it.

    So i am looking for someone to help me to refine this rough 3DS mesh to something printable in Shapeways.

    Since the project is not intended for any commercial purpose, i can't offer a lot, but I am willing to present a token of appreciation.

    The major problems of this 3DS file is, there are open halls significantly around the nose as well as all some over the body, and it hasn't been smoothed yet.

    I think I didn't completely clear out the meshes of headlight, cab, cabin in the back which were installed for MSTS. I don't need anything inside but I want make a simple shell. I left the wipers and handrails but they can be removed if necessary.

    I wish someone could put window halls in the back cabin and radiator grills in sides, which I feel a bit over whelming for me.

    Anyway, I hope there are many of you willing to help this commemoration of Old Diesel Hydraulic lady.

    Thank you.


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