I opened my shop on shapeways!

Discussion in 'Newcomers Lounge' started by Leander, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. Leander
    Leander Member
    Hi shapeways visitors.
    I want to introduce you to my shapeways shop. It has been around for 2-3 weeks now.


    I mainly make individual cufflinks. Since I am an aerospace (engineering) student, which I wrote in my shop description too I hope, I wanted some Jet engine related cufflinks for myself. Now I have a shop and add a lot of other stuff regularly.
    I have cufflinks of
    -rubiks cubes (I have a collection of different actual rubiks cubes so I am a fan of that hobby as well)
    -flat screens
    -pison rod

    I also have keychains of most objects, especially concerning engineering.

    I also started making jewelry for ladies who like to wear fancy things such as
    -converse chucks earrings/pendants
    -tequilla and salt earrings
    -high heels earrings

    So maybe I can adress a small group of potential customers with my stuff and feel free to comment on anything,


    (Oh and don't worry about the scale model of the huge compressor I also have there. I needed to check if its printable at all for my prof at university because he is interested in an exhibition model for the course he teaches.)

  2. carine
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    welcome!! beautiful work. make sure you upload pictures of any prints you order so we can see it in real life :)