I need this printed ASAP (miniatures)...

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    Any designers on this site own or operate a 3D printer? I am familiar with shapeways and various sites, but I want to work directly with someone that owns a 3D printer as I want to work on a more one on one basis. I can pay you personally to 3D print miniature versions of this:


    I'm trying to sell and "pitch" this concept to Nike and Adidas... The design is "patent pending"... Any and all advice/3D printing vendors/or 3D artist that want to assist on this project are more than welcome to contact me here:

    chris (at) cirquemedia (dot) com

    I've been working on this project for the last 3 months in my sparetime. Check out my site for more info and how this packaging goes far beyond just shoes. However, it's designed for shoes and I've worked directly for Nike and Adidas and have a few client contacts that might assist in getting this made. I need samples, physical 3D printed samples to send off. Need help, don't need quotes, need someone to "JUST DO IT". We'll talk numbers once you send me an email...