I need a drawing of a coin

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  1. David2013
    David2013 New Member
    Hello everyone :)

    Please could someone give me an idea of the cost to make make a 3D drawing of a coin 68mm diameter?

    The coin is a kids swimming dive toy made from silicone instead and instead of having a queens head on it, I need a cartoon style seal (sea lion).

    Please see attached a photo of the original coin with the queens head this needs replacing with a cartoon style seal.

    I have a PDF line drawing of the seal but I need a 3D drawing with curvatures etc....

    Many thanks
    Silicone Coin.JPG
  2. Ronsaki
    Ronsaki Well-Known Member
    Hello, I can do this project for you for 10$.

    I need thickness of a coin, material you want to print in and a pdf file of a seal, and a description of everything else that needs to be on a coin
  3. David2013
    David2013 New Member

    Thank you for your reply.

    The coin thickness is 12mm

    Please send me a PM and I will send you the line drawing of the seal.

    The drawing is only needed to show a module factory the 3D shape of the seal character on the coin.

  4. CADNinja
    CADNinja Well-Known Member
    Private Message Sent
  5. David2013
    David2013 New Member
    Hi Guys,

    Thank you for all the offers to help.

    I have now paid someone to make the draws.

    Thanks again
  6. David2013
    David2013 New Member
    Sorry to muck you guys around but the member that I paid to do this job can not finish it.

    Both sides of the coin are drawn but one side needs a few changes to the seals body/head and the stars around the outside edge.

    The seals body / face needs the curvatures / polygons manipulating to look realistic.

    I have the STL file and $10 budget left to finish this drawing.

    So if someone would like to finish the drawing for $10 please PM me and I will forward you the STL file and details of what needs changing.

    Please note I need this drawing finished and delivered to me by Sunday night (03.03.2013)

    Many thanks