I made a 3d design in c4d but can't upload it

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    Hello everybody!
    I'm 0fftime(ruben),
    and i've made a picture frame for my mom. And i'd like to print it. But i've made it in Cinema 4D and i don't know whats wrong with the design. So i'd like to ask if someone could take a look at it? I've made some sketches some paper and then scanned these. I remade them in photoshop and then i exported the work path to an .ai file wich i imported to Cinema 4D. I gave the spline object an extrude nurbs and caps. I might not really look like a picture frame but that's oke. And i've got another question does somebody know how i can get it 21 cm long and 15 height? I can't figure how to do it in Cinema 4D since it's way to little to see then!

    Also sorry for my bad English but i'm 14 years old and trying to do as good as is possible for me :blush: .



    PS: I've included a rar with all the files that i used. I used the 3ds file for uploading.

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    Hi Ruben,

    Welcome to Shapeways! :)

    Looks like you might have an issue with the filetype you're trying to upload. From the Shapeways FAQ. "You can upload STL, VRML2/97 (.wrl), COLLADA (.dae), X3D and OBJ files to Shapeways. Many modeling applications support these file formats. If you need to convert to them we recommend Accutrans or Meshlab."

    I used NetFabb Basic to convert your file from 3DS to STL, then rescaled the frame to be 210mm wide, the vertical height works out at 136mm & depth 123mm. The actual face of the frame is 150mm from top to bottom.

    PM sent with link to download model (you might want to re-design it a bit, it comes in at 579.98 cm^3)


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    Wow thanks!! I really appreciate (i'm sorry if that's not the correct spelling) it! But the price is way to much for me:s. I'd like to buy it for her but i can't afford this. But now i have an another question. I was looking for an another design program and what would you advice me? 3DS Max looked pretty well to me? Since i've found out designing things like this doesn't work out for me C4D although i really like the program for designing backgrounds and intro's. I was wondering if someone could gice me some tips? (i'm sorry if this is the wrong section).

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    BartV has compiled a list of applications that have native export for Shapeways supported filetypes. Some of the applications are free, others not. One of the most powerful free ones is Blender but it has a steep learning curve.