I have a .eps file - do I need to convert it to get a print

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    Hi - Happy New Year everyone.

    Complete novice here - I was referred here by a 3D printing service who recommended this community very strongly. I have to say that having been through the site I am blown away by what is happening in the world of 3D printing etc. I had no idea you could get just about anything printed and using different materials etc. I saw a feature about prntrbot (http://printrbot.com/) and thought it was quite cool - this takes things to a completely different level!! More people should know about this!!

    Anyway - before I get carried away - I have checked out the compatible software page and unfortunately am none the wiser as to whether a .eps file can be used in its native format to create a 3D model. Do I need some conversion work first to a different format and if so, can you recommend anyone that can do this for me (Shapeways even?)


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    .eps files are all 2D. This page gives information about how to go about designing for 3D printing.
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    I use Illustrator a lot myself. I save my files as svg and import them into Blender. Blender is free 3D design software you can download. It's very good. Not too difficult to get your head around.
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    Gimp will import an .eps file, and convert it to another format, or a selection to a path, and export it as a .svg. An svg can be imported into several modelling programs and turned into a curve, then a mesh, then extruded to give it depth.(i.e want a 3d object to use with a pendant, or an extrusion/engraving on an object you created. This will take some basic modelling skills.
    Another use for 2D images is a new technique to take pics of several views of an object, and allow that program to create a 3D model. Its sort of a cheap alternative to a laser scanner. This will take some advanced modelling skills to clean it up for 3D printing.

  6. UniverseBecoming
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    Typically what is done is to take the lines that make up the 2D drawing in your eps file and import those lines into a 3D cad software program and then extrude the lines to form a three dimensional object. From there the open ends are capped off to make a closed 3d object. Once the 3D object is created it can then be uploaded to Shapeways for 3D printing.

    Probably the easiest way to do this is with Zbrush. It has a command called "make 3D" that will take a 2D image and convert it to a 3D object. All that is needed is to convert the eps to a bitmap, which can be done with any software that you can view the eps with. There is a free one called Inkscape you can download that will do the conversion to a bitmap. Zbrush you can try for free for 30 days.
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    If you were to down that route you might as will not convert the drawing to 3D and have the piece laser cut. The quality, it done in plastic, would be much better than anything that is 3D printed.