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  1. bermass007
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    Bonjour à toute la communauté

    J'ai chargé un fichier et j'ai le message suivant. Mon Anglais est trop mauvais, et je ne comprend pas le message. Quelqu'un peut il m'aider.

    "There was an issue with uploading your model test1 to Shapeways. Your model has inverted normals in it.

    Normals tell us what the inside and outside of your model are(a good thing when we want to be able to 3D print your model). All the normals in your model have to be pointing in the right way. Inverted normals are also known as mixed normals or invalid normals.

    The fix for this depends on what kind of software you are using. With almost all packages you can easily visualize the normals so you can see whats wrong. Some packages have an automatic filter that can "flip", "invert" or "recalculate outside" and help correct this problem for you in a flash."

    :( :( :(

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  2. Marleen
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    Je vais essayer d'expliquer en français. Je m’excuse pour la qualité de français…. c'est moi & software pour traduire :blush:

    Il y avait une problème avec “uploading” votre modèle test1 à Shapeways. Votre modèle a des normals inversé.
    Normals nous indiquent ce que est l'intérieur et ce que est l'extérieur de votre modèle. C’est important pour imprimer votre modèle en 3D. Tous normals dans votre modèle doivent se diriger à la direction correcte. Des normals inversés sont également connus en comme des normals mélangés ou normals inadmissibles.
    La manière de corriger cette problème dépend de quel genre de software vous employez. Avec presque tous les paquets vous pouvez facilement visualiser les normals ainsi vous pouvez voir ce qui est erroné. Quelques paquets ont un filtre automatique qui peut “renverser”, “inverser” ou “recalculer” l'extérieur, pour corriger la problème rapidement.

    C'est claire comme ca?
  3. ArMOO
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    Je ne parle seulement un petit peu francais.
    J'avais reparer votre fourche.

    Bon change AO

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  4. bermass007
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    :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

    Merci beaucoup de votre aide


    Bertrand Masselis
  5. ArMOO
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    Avec plaisir.

  6. bermass007
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    Pouvez vous me dire ce qui etait mal fait, pour que je corrige d'autre dessin


    Can you tell me what was wrong, so I correct other design

    Thank you
  7. ArMOO
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    Just to many nonmanifold issue's, inverted normals and triangles overlapping eachother.
    I also don't know how you could improve your work.
    As far as I know it allready starts with clean modeling or maybe another way of putting the part together.
    Sometimes its better to model it again.
    What software did you use? Ussually I have a problem with the scaling but in your cases I didn't have it. Therefore it was also very interesting for me to fix the file.

    Greetings AO
  8. bermass007
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    Thank you for your help. I do not know how.

    I use TurboCAD V12. And my files are in Metric. It is true that the size of the object is not identical to my drawing. There is a problem of scale.

    I need to understand why there is a problem.

    Thank you very much for your help
  9. ArMOO
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    I usually have a problem after fixing the file.
    Your file stayed the the same.
    U can fix the scale in accutrans. You'll find a describtion on the supportpage. Shapeways offers also the possibility to fix your files.
    Otherwise upload it and somebody else will fix it.

    Greetings AO
  10. bermass007
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    You're right dimensions are identical. What I wrong is that your drawing is in inches, and I had not noticed.

    I also saw that you've turned on the surface. I'm still working strong, I will try as you, the solution may be there.

    Sorry for my bad English

    A Bientôt
  11. bermass007
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    Can you help me correct these two files. I tried with Blender meshlab, but it is impossible for me.
    I will buy a new software that will work better.

    Thank you very much for your help

  12. bermass007
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    And the second

    Thank you

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