I can't upload new logos/banners for my shop

Discussion in 'Shapeways Shops' started by DavidAlan, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. DavidAlan
    DavidAlan New Member
    I just finished making myself a logo/banner for my shop, but all I have is browse buttons. Once the image is selected, there's no way for me to confirm/make the change. any ideas?
  2. arno
    arno New Member

    I do not exactly know what is the problem for you.

    I made a screenshot in our test environment to show what I mean: - You select the logo/banner you want with the browse button
    - When you have selected the file, it will be uploaded automatically and a preview shown
    - When your shop changes (including banner/logo) are to your liking, click the save button.

    Do you have a problem with javascript or the preview?

    Kind regards, Arno

    PS: Uploading the file and showing the preview is done using javascript.

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  3. DavidAlan
    DavidAlan New Member
    Yeah, it looks like the save button isn't working for me. Even If I'm just changing my description and not uploading a logo.