I can't seem to get the right scale / 3ds max

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by greengab, Nov 17, 2012.

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    (Non color printing) Look at the dimensions of the bounding box in your program. Those dimensions, for example 3 x 5 x 6 if you want printed in mm, chose mm at upload. If you want it in cm, scale up by 10, chose mm again.
    (Color printing). If you are going for Full Color Sandstone. Color uploads at SW are set at meters. So if you
    want the object to be printed in cm, scale object by .01. If you want it in mm, scale by .001. Chose meters at upload. If they are the dimensions you want in inches, scale object by .0254, chose Meter at upload.

    You could always post the file here to see if anything else is needed.

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    Hello and Thank you for answering,
    I kept trying but with no success, I've scaled up the model by 10, but it only grew to:

    7.36 w x 12.898 d x 2.996 h

    and the real measures that I need are:

    32.756 cm = 12.896 inches - wide (on the longest side) and
    18.6942 cm = 7.3599 in d

    I also have some questions about the support material... I've made a couple of little sticks just in case...
    but I dunno if I really have to make some more

    anyway here is the model I would really appreciate if you can help me out scaling this to it's right size
    thanks again.

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    The numbers are right, scale back down to 1/10 and upload as inches.

    STL & OBJ inch files attached :)

    As for the supports, they're a good idea. Whislt the model would print ok with the just support material, the construction of the model would have weak areas that might break during cleaning/handling.



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  5. greengab
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    Hello once again
    I finally uploaded the file you sent me and it came up with the right measurements
    Thank you

    now my big concern is about the price which goes over 500 bucks!
    can this be a mistake? or there is something that I could do to make the price go down?

    here is the link: http://www.shapeways.com/model/781080/model__1.html?key=0e1e 6f95bc9f77d05d9443b9557bb563

    I'm thinking about making some holes (to clean the model from the inside and making it cheaper) cause the model is already hollow...

    and also I would like to visit the store in NYC
    do you think that would be possible?

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    You can now see why the bounding box dimensions are important. When I opened it they were 73.588 x 128.972 x 29.965. So as Paul suggested scale the model by 1/10. Now the dimensions are what you need, 7.36 w x 12.898 d x 2.996 h. This is what I originally mentioned about bounding box size,(but forgot about inches.:() This is the reason to upload at SW as inches. Since for example 12.898 inch = 32.756 cm. By the way 2.54 is the factor you convert inches to cm.
    It will save you some time uploading as Inch , instead of scaling it by 2.54 x 10 to convert it to mm, then uploading as mm.

    When you create a model for 3D printing, paranoia is you friend. If in doubt, over engineer.
    The windows calculator is your friend to. By clicking view, several uses of it can be chosen, especially unit conversion.

    Paul reminded stupid this me this was for color printing.I had a "Duh" moment. Scale your object by .0254. Take this value to be in meters, so select Meters at upload, printed object will be the size you want. As for the price it is correct unfortunately. And good luck on hollowing it. You can but it is going to be a pain.
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    Thank you all for your comments!!!
    I think I'm getting closer to a better price range :p

    the factor to convert the measurements is right
    and the volume/price calculator is very useful too!

    Later on I'll try to upload a some new designs of the model
    right now I'm figuring out how the hinges will work

    this is supposed to work as a book
    so does anyone have suggestions or examples to achieve this?