I can't find the collada plug-in

Discussion in 'Software and Applications' started by darkczar, Jun 1, 2013.

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    thanks. I think I'll try exporting as vrml2. I imagine that if I go down the path of compiling that plug-0in I'm going to be in a world of pain. haha!
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    If I am not mistaken there are pre-compiled plugins included
    just check the install_ files
  5. darkczar
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    If the compiled plug-in is there I can't find it. the readme only mentions building the plugin.

    How do people generally export out of Maya with color for shapeways? I'm going to try vrml2 format.

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    Hey darkczar,

    sorry about that! We'll review and update this tutorial asap. In the mean time, VRML2 should work just fine.

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    I too am a Maya user who is having some difficulty with this. I just downloaded the zip file and have absolutely no idea what to do next, and I'm afraid that if i try to mess around with my Maya folders I'll just end up in a world of hurt.
  8. darkczar
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    Dont bother with Collada. Export an .obj from Maya. Bring it into Meshlab, and export it as an .x3d file. Zip it together with the texture map, in .jpg format. Upload that.

    Meshlab is free.

    Texture map required only if youre trying to print with colors.
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    I'm not a Maya user myself, so I'm curious which method you guys would prefer?

    We're in the process of reviewing and updating all our tutorials and info pages, I'd be more than happy to replace this with the Meshlab/obj route if you all think this works better.

    Also, would anyone be willing to give us a hand in providing some relevant screenshots etc?

    Thanks :)

  10. Rudeartist
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    It seems like there aren't a whole lot of Maya user here.

    I left a more in depth explanation as to what sort of issues I'm currently experiencing

    the biggest issues revolve around sizing the model and exporting. For some reason, the only file type that i can id OBJ and for color printing that doesn't really do much good.

    Why does Maya seem to be the most incompatible software to use with Shapeways?
  11. darkczar
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    Yeah, it was hard for me to get from Maya to a printed object! I was able to get a colored print from an .obj file. You just have to produce a texture map in Maya ( a whole 'nother nightmare - lousy Maya...). Have you tried the .obj --> Meshlab --> .x3d work flow? If you zip the .x3d file up with a texture map it will work. You upload the .zip file to Shapeways.

    I don't have a clear sense of scaling in Maya vs. Shapeways. I just used trial and error, uploading over and over until I had a reasonable size. I did not have a specific size I wanted though. But you figure, it's got to be a factor of 10, one way or the other, right? 2.7 Maya units is going to be 2.7 inches, meters, millimeters, or something. One would hope, anyway...

  12. Rudeartist
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    I'm just trying to figure out Meshlab right now

    If you could give me a more in depth explanation I would be very grateful

    What is the .obj --> Meshlab --> .x3d work flow?
  13. darkczar
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    1) export your object from Maya as a .obj file.
    2) import the .obj into meshlab
    3) export it out of meshlab as a .x3d file
    4) create a .zip file (or bundle or whatever they call it) that includes your .x3d and your texture map. The texture map should be .jpg or .png format.
    5) upload
  14. darkczar
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    In meshlab:

    1) file --> import mesh

    2) file --> export mesh as...

    At the bottom of the pop-up window is "Files of Type:"
    The very last choice is ".x3d".

  15. Rudeartist
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    Okay that part i understand just fine.

    It's when it comes to attaching the texture file that seems to be giving me issues.
  16. darkczar
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    When I right-click on a file in my Windows file explorer, I have the option "add to archive". I think I installed some free zip compression software a while back. Anyway, you need some program that will create a zip file.

    Also, when the object comes into meshlab you should see the texture on it in the viewport. The .x3d format points to the texture file. I don't know how/why it does that, since .objs allegedly don't carry any color info. I guess the exported maya .obj points to whatever shader is assigned to it.

    The .obj and the .jpg should sit next to each other in the same directory. The .x3d is going to point to the .jpg, and shapeways can't handle any relative paths - just keep it simple and put the .obj, .x3d and .jog all in one directory. If you look at the top of the .x3d file you will see where it points to the texture file. You might have to edit that by hand if you move the texture after you've created the .x3d file - or you could just create a fresh .x3d file. Point being - you can edit the .x3d by hand if you need to.
  17. Rudeartist
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    Okay this helps a lot, but there are still some things that I'm a little fuzzy on

    When I export an obj file from Maya and take it into meshlab, the model appears with no texture at all.

    does this matter?

    Of not, are you saying all I have to do is select the obj. and jpeg. and zip them together? How does the .x3d fit into all this and why would I need all three files instead of just the first two?
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  18. darkczar
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    I honestly don't know if it matters that the texture does not show up in Meshlab, but I think maybe it does matter. I would just try uploading and see if the textures show up on Shapeways.com.

    My hunch is that you have to create the texture map in Maya - assign some shader. like a lambert, and then right-click on the "color" or "diffuse color" on the shader, and assign a "file" shader. Then point that file shader to your texture map. At this point the texture map should be in the same dir as the maya scene, which should be where you export the .obj to, as well. Then, hopefully, the texture will show up in Meshlab, which means that the resulting .x3d file will have a bit of text at the top, pointing to the texture map, which the Shapeways process will be able to marry to your model.

    Beyond that, I don't remember what I did to make it work.

    Kick at the darkness until it bleeds daylight!

    Good luck!
  19. Rudeartist
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    When you refer to the 'directory' are you referring to the 'project folder?'
  20. darkczar
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    I guess - not just the project folder. You can put them anywhere, as long as they're in the same place....