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    i am having very little luck with uploading a mesh.so far is has said the mesh was not manifold. it was.

    subdividing it fixed that error...more polys than I'd like, but then it said that it had flipped normals. it didn't- so I reversed the normals so they were all the wrong way out, and tried again.

    now it says 'The fileformat of your object cannot be processed by our software'- it is an x3d file, though, same as it accepted the first 15 tries.

    I triangulated it, but this made very littlle difference.

    then it went back to saying the normals were flipped, so i put them back the right way.

    I actually had this model complete for the very first competition on this site... but, all this time later, i still can't get the thing to upload. i'm a bit miffed i missed the special, too.

    attached is the blender file, as the x3d files were clearly no good. umm... its not at the right scale here, i planned to fiddle with it after i got it working. >_> if someone tells me how to fix it, i will make it about 7 cm tall if that will not be too small for printing.

    can anyone figure out what the problem is?

    (head thing (c) J chappell.)

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    Hi J, I don't use blender but if you export an .obj I'll try have a look at it for you
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    Hi jasminC,

    I managed to fix up your model by taking the following steps in Blender:

    1. Enter editmode and select all vertices. In the Mesh Tools panel, set the "Limit' value to 0 and click 'Remove Doubles'. This should remove about 115 double vertices.

    2. Deselect all, and while still in editmode, do Select > Non-Manifold (CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+M). This should highlight a bunch of non-manifold errors. All of them are because of coincident edges. Just delete those.

    3. Deselect all, and recalculate the normals of each part separately (Blender seems to be having problems with recalculating the entire model at once). To select one part, move your mouse over it and press L (select Linked).

    4. Resize the model and export to STL.

    I've attached the fixed + resized object to this message.



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  4. JChappell
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    thankyou very much! i think the problem may have beenr elated to the related to the duplicate edges on top of each other to make it display properly with smoothing on :D