Hyrule Pendant

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    HYRULE PENDANT (Alumide)

    http://www.shapeways.com/model/771835/hyrule-pendant.html?li =productBox-search


    a Rendition to my favorite game and child hood memories. a little new to the old kind post modernism type thing, fans will appreciate the zelda esque figure, regulars will see the simplicity and love it for what it is in essence.
    i simply love how this model turned out it looks ridiculously beautiful in alumide and id like to see if others think the same.

    i think the hardest part of this was the waiting , i didn't know how it would look till it was here, the smile this little 2 inch thing brought me ... priceless.

    id like to thank the testers at shapeways for being prompt at telling me what i modeled wrong and nintendo for the inspiration.

    What do you think @ElisaRichardson ,Friday find material???
    id love to see my models posted and the feed back ive gotten from people has been great. in short it would do me a great honor if you would.