Hyperbolic bowl/sculpture thing

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  1. CristobalGordo
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    I was messing around with hyperbolic tilings and associated weavings and I made this as a first draft experiment. Came out as designed but maybe not so aesthetically pleasing. Or maybe it is...It certainly is odd looking.

    (I always have to wrestle with getting color to work. I had used per vertex coloring in the past but it didn't work this time. I then had to figure out how to add a texture in meshlab which took me forever. I think more people would use the full color sandstone if the tutorials were a bit clearer- just my opinion.)

    Bowl 2.jpg

    Bowl 3.jpg

    Bowl 1.jpg
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  2. natalia
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    Despite the pain modeling it, it looks incredible! Well done!

    And thanks for the tutorial tip, we're hoping to overhaul the whole "Learning" section of Shapeways soon!


    ps- You should upload the photos to the product page so everyone can see the bowl in it's 3D printed glory
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