Hurricane Sandy Relief Thursday 6th November - Shop Owner participation encouraged!

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    Hi Shop Owners,

    You may have seen this blog post today: f-Join-Us-in-Helping-the-Hurricane-Sandy-Relief-Efforts-This -Thursday.html

    While our website was down last week, we had a few conversations via Twitter about donating their markups towards Hurricane Sandy relief. We love the idea, and decided that Shapeways will be donating part of our revenue on Thursday the 6th of November to the Red Cross. (Thanks
    Michiel Cornelissen for starting the wave!)

    We invite you to join us on Thursday by pledging to donate your markups for the day to Sandy relief. How you choose to donate is up to you.

    We will supercharge your efforts: by tagging your products "Sandy Relief," not only will you be pledging to donate your markups, you will secure a spot on the Shapeways homepage as we'll be featuring those products from Thursday to Sunday.

    Of course, participation is completely voluntary.

    Any questions or comments, I'm happy to answer.

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