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    Hi Non-Twisty Puzzles fans,

    Hurly Burly is a set of four six-piece burrs, intertwined in a spiral fashion. The puzzle has nine parts, three of which are "8-shaped". And the other six are "eight-divided-in-two". The puzzle has a very unexpected first solving move. The two yellow pieces are turned in a helical path, in which one pushes the other and vice verse. This is a new type of coordinated motion. Also the linking of the three 8-shaped pieces (green, blue, black) is unexpected, namely the fact that they come apart and that they are NOT linked together like Borromean rings or so.

    The first Hurly Burly prototype was made by George Miller in 2005. George also gave the puzzle its name. "Hurly burly" means "noisy confusion, tumult". It also was the title of a dark comedy play. Moreover, it relates to the classic type of "burr puzzle".

    I used this puzzle (3D-printed by Shapeways) as my exchange gift for IPP33 in Narita. I made a few extra samples, which are being sold by PuzzleMaster.

    Watch the YouTube video.
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    Check out the photos below.