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    I want to make human sculptures and started with DAZ and Victoria 4. This is a great base mesh in some ways and horrible to work with in others. They do an amazing job of creating structures within the mesh for minute levels of visual detail which in the 3d printing world are on only useless but hard to remove. Things like tear ducts, eyelashes that are only single plane with no dimensional thickness and then the open non water tight features like inner ear canals, the backside of eyeballs, nasal cannula, and the throat even individual teeth are not watertight 3d objects but exist in the mesh along with finger and toenails. These features are great for visual details but what I really need is just the exterior mesh that I can pose. Also hair and clothes available for Victoria are notoriously similar in terms of being nothing more than a thin plane if not just a 2d surface with no wall thickness at all.

    Does anyone know of either easier ways to deal with these non-printable 2d mesh features in human form? (I currently do my figure posing in DAZ then use Blender to get into the mesh and delete 2d surfaces and/or sew up the holes in the mesh.) It takes hours! It's daunting to deal with meshes node by node! Then get everything manifold so it can be printed. I am sure I am not the only person in the world who would like to make human form models and find a simpler way to get the job done.

    I don't know if I need a different mesh program tool or to find better simpler base meshes to begin with?

    Any suggestions are appreciated!
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    You can probably find simpler print ready meshes. Another option is Sculptris. I've seen videos of people making human models in minutes. Of course for a beginner it would probably take a few hours, but it would be the way you want it, and I rarely have a problem with the mesh not being water tight.