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    Hi everyone! You might know me from, well a lot of things, but I've decided to start (or at least try) making LEGO minifig accessories! I've really no clue how to do it, though. I use Google Sketchup, but I'm not sure what sizes to use. Could someone please give some pointers on Minifig stuff?
  2. Heya, Bren. I got linked to this pic a while back; you'll have to zoom in somewhat to see it properly, but it's got most of the key dimensions on it. Good luck with your gubbinz! :D

  3. Bren926
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    Wow! How perfect! I only have one very noobish question, what the unit of measurement I should use?
  4. Pleasure, bud. The measurements are all in millimetres.

    Actually, I've found another one that may come in useful, too. This one covers most of the external dimensions of a minifig. Some of the measurements seem fractionally different to the patent picture, but only by hundredths of a millimetre.

    Picture 14.png

    EDIT: Actually, it's just occurred to me that some of the measurements on the patent picture (the first one) are measured in "P", which would be the height of one LEGO flat plate (1/3 of a brick).
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    @Bren welcome!

    @Drawn-Steel Hero that is seriously useful. Thanks. :)