Howdy everyone!

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  1. matt_atknsn
    matt_atknsn New Member
    Good day everyone (wherever around the world we're at ;) )

    I'm Roe, 3D modeller, with just enough skills to get a job done (except organics/ZBrush, which I'm zero at :p )

    Came about Shapeways seeing it'll be a good way to realize some models I do virtually what I cannot do practically. For example the smaller gun barrels for a 1/4800 scale battleships which are very hard to do with traditional scratchbuilding using plastic rods (or in my case, old toothbrush/plastic broom bristles :confused ).

    Speaking of really small battleships, I only have 1 design to show for now; 2 WW2 battleships scaled to 1/4800 and planning to print in FUD. I do hope it prints if I understand the (new?) thin walls tutorials correctly. Below is the link to the said model: _pack_1.html?gid=sg98982

    Just need to upload more stuff to reach my minimum order...

    Cheers and looking forward to y'all :D
  2. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    Wow those are tiny. Right now you should be able to order FUD with .3mm walls, but that may move to .6mm for unsupported structures.
  3. matt_atknsn
    matt_atknsn New Member
    Cheers mate! Indeed, I still can't properly understand walls and details: I try to have those details below 0.3mm wide not get any higher than 0.2mm (Z/Y/whichever axis is 'up'). Eitherway, I'm also using the fact that FUD would melt into (very small) spaces in between walls (as is the sample I see in FUD's material page).

    Best regards :D