How to use ShapeJS from my own website?

Discussion in 'ShapeJS' started by ryansmall, Dec 6, 2015.

  1. ryansmall
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    I'm very interested in building my own creator which is hosted on my own website but uses ShapeJS for model generation and the API for the Upload/Price/Checkout functionality. While reading the documentation ( I came across the following note but cannot find any information about execute_pipeline. Where can I find more information about this?

    Creating your own Creators

    The underlying engine for the web examples can be used in your own Javascript creator. Once you have a script you like then we'd encourage you to make a user-interface that's more specific and easier to use. Once you have the parameters ready then you can use a REST call to execute_pipeline that will generate the 3D model. With this model you can easily use the rest of the Shapeways API to store the models, get pricing and add your own markup to the models.

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  2. Excrubulent
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    I would also like to know the answer to this. I've tried viewing the source of the ShapeJS Beta page, but if I try to run that page locally I get "Error: NS_ERROR_DOM_BAD_URI: Access to restricted URI denied". It seems that they don't want us using their servers to run ShapeJS apps on our websites.

    I would imagine that the answer is to build from source:, then host the program on your own servers/website solution. However, if there is a way to run a ShapeJS script that will work on the Shapeways servers, that would simplify the whole situation for everyone.
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    I would also like to know the answer to this. Tried asking the same sort of questions on the comments section of the ShapeJS 2.0 YouTube video but just got directed here - where it seems everyone is asking the same question.

    FYI, what I asked was:

    In your video, you don't address how we as coders can use ShapeJS 2.0 to create "creators".

    Is it meant to be kept behind the walled garden of Shapeways, or can we download it and use it on a hosted website and connect to Shapeways via your api?

    You're competing with libs like openjscad (and several others), which are totally open. ShapeJS seems a bit obscure by comparison in terms of how we can use it, how we can create our user interfaces, what limits we have on user space, how we can set it up so that we can edit our js with a decent editor (Cloud9 please!) etc.

    Of course I didn't get any answers... just redirected to ask on here. Which I discover others have already done.

    The google group for AbFab3D seems to have died last year...?
  4. ryansmall
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    If you look at the v2 version of the documentation, it no longer includes any sort of reference regarding a REST web service call. If you compare the v1 documentation ( to the v2 documentation (, do a search for "execute_pipeline" and you will see exactly what I mean. This is discouraging, at least v1 dangled a carrot in front of us, even if it left us empty. With V2, the entire section on "Creating your own creators is gone".

    If @AlanHudson is available, would love to get his perspective.

  5. AlanHudson
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    For now we will only support a Shapeways hosted model. We'll make it possible for you to deploy your own scripts at Shapeways and sell those items to others with markup.

    Here's how our thinking has gone. There are a bunch of people in the 3D printing community who can code in Javascript and 3D model. We feel that if we can give them a language such as ShapeJS and a way to get those scripts on a website where its easy to sell items then they will have a bunch of success. My focus has been on getting the language and servers up to the task of supporting that.

    There is another group of people who can setup their own servers, host them, and code their own webpages and user interface that I'd like to serve. That was my initial thoughts with ShapeJS 1.0 and why I included that language originally. I'd still like to serve that community but for now I believe enabling the first group first will allow ShapeJS to succeed faster then if we target the second smaller group. I understand its not perfect for all use-cases but I think once you see the initial system I'm hopeful you like it.

    I think for a bunch of people having Shapeways take the burden of fielding the servers and paying the compute/bandwidth bills will soften the blow. I'm hoping to free you to concentrate on making the best creator concepts you can and let us worry about some of the more mundane details of making it scale and paying for its deployment.

    Hopefully that addresses your questions and if your interested I look forward to working with you to help define and make this a success.

  6. Thanks Alan for your honest rundown of this.
    It actually helps me finaly understand the same confusion as others outlined above.

    For now i think ill just sit on it for a bit. At the end of the day id like to be the face of my products, and have shapeways be simply the manufacturer.
    This is going to sound aweful (as much as i love the heck out of Shapeways), i dont want my customers to see other designers works, as it runs a risk of them exploring those designs instead.
    Ideally id like to isolate and keep customers focused. In an even more ideal world id love to see drop shipping type setup. But maybe thats not on shapeways horizon to support.

    I can appreciate your intended goals tho Alan. Awesome work regardless.