How to smooth the model?

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    (For reference, I'm using Blender and exporting as a .obj file). I know within the program I can turn on the "smooth" feature, but when I export it, it becomes flat again and is uploaded to shapeways that way, so it looks blocky. Can someone help with that? Do I just need to add a lot more vertices or is there a way to turn on the smoothing feature and keep it on during exporting?
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    The Smooth option only affects how the model looks in Blender. The exported/uploaded file reflects the actual mesh.

    Yes, you need more Vertices. One way to add them is to use the Subdivision Surface Modifier. By adjusting the view parameter you can change the smoothness of your actual mesh.
  3. mynameisdatruth
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    Can you give me a link to instructions or tell me how to do that? I know theres the "subdivide" button, but that only works on individual vertices, and there's no way I'll be doing that ten thousand-some times. If you could tell me if it's possible to apply that to the whole mesh, and if possible, how to go about doing it, that would be fantastic. Thank you for the help already though
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    There are a lot of good tutorials, for example here ted/.

    If you want to use Subdivide for your whole model:
    1. Go to Edit mode;
    2. Press A (if all the Vertices go dark, press A again).

    You have now selected all the Vertices and the Subdivide button will affect the whole model. Note that the geometry has not changed, just the number of vertices/edges/faces.

    If you want to get the 'smoothing' effect (i.e. change the geometry):
    1. Go to Object mode;
    2. Go to the Properties Menu (at the right of the screen) and click on the little spanner/wrench;
    3. Click on 'Add Modifier'.
    4. Choose Subdivision Surface (bottom second column);
    5. Adjust View parameter to taste;
    6. Click on Apply

    Since you will be experimenting on your model make sure you have a saved version that you do not amend. You WILL make mistakes and you WILL want to go back at some point.

    Good luck.